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9th Grade World History

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Product Description

It can be a challenge trying to decide what curriculum to use at any time in the homeschool environment but can become extremely challenging when entering the high school years.

Even though most public school systems require world history for the first year of high school, a number of homeschool publishing companies do geography. Since most people don't necessarily know what educational environment their student will be in from grade to grade, it can become challenging trying to transfer a homeschool curriculum to a public school curriculum without losing credits and time. That is why I have chosen to do the Well-Trained Mind Publishing company's world history curriculum for 9th GRADE.

One of the reasons why I LOVE these books by Susan Bauer is because I love how she formats the information in the Story of the World books for the earlier grades, so this makes an easy transition to the high school curriculum. Now, don't get me wrong… There's still a lot of work to do. Since the Well-Trained Mind Publishing company recommends doing one world history book her high school year, I felt it necessary to condense the information over three books for one year. That enables me to make sure that my son is getting the education that he needs and we have everything in place for state and college requirements.

Now, this isn't an easy task. It requires me to make sure I include the high points of history without compromising the rest. Since the Well-Trained Mind Publishing company recommends using HISTORY AS LITERATURE, it can seem mind-boggling. That is why I have customized and streamline the material to make it easier to understand and implement.

This format helps the struggling learner easily transition into a college prep environment in order to ensure their success beyond high school. If you are interested in learning more about how I put these materials together, email me at and put in the SUBJECT LINE: 9th GRADE WORLD HISTORY to request more.

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