Every so often, when homeschooling, you run into a roadblock and aren't quite sure how to handle it. I know my son LOVES Minecraft and making his own creations. I am always amazed at all the intricate details he puts into his creations. He always builds palaces! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He's only asked for a butler since the age of four.😂

Since he loves Minecraft, he also likes building things with his Legos. At the age of two, he was building skinny towers out of blocks so high and narrow, we were AMAZED! None of our girls had ever done anything like that. I decided if I was going to pick an elective subject for him, it needed to be something he loved and is passionate about. That's when I came across JAM.

JAM is a unique website. They provide online courses for kids in a safe environment with instructors who know A LOT about the subject. Take for example the Learn How to Host a Minecraft Show. They have a professional Minecraft YouTuber, OMGChad, who teaches the kids the tips and tricks of the profession. Since my son wants to be a famous YouTuber, I decided to sign him up!

The courses are designed to be six-months long. The software is a little quirky, in regards to learning how to get around and what to do first. They don't always provide step-by-step instructions, but since my son struggles with being high-functioning autism, I'm used to going in and providing the instructions he needs to know how to get around.

The cost of the course is EXTREMELY affordable and for a little more, you can have access to any of the courses they have to offer. But, get them when you can! They change every month! Here are just a few of the courses they offer online:

When you enroll your child in a course, it's like having a social network in a secure environment, where the parents are encourage to be involved and see everything they post. All the kids are able to post their creations in video format and share them with everyone else on the JAM network. "Little D" got SO EXCITED when the moderator featured some of his Minecraft videos! He finally feels like he is on his way to stardom!🤩

Having someone who is more proficient with a particular skill set is a HUGE burden that is lifted off when trying to give your child a well-rounded education. I'm so thankful to sites like these who make their website colorful, bright and engaging! Thanks JAM for everything you do!

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