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January 1, 2025

There are so many choices and everyone has a preference. Paper and binders are good, but can get expensive; especially with the cost of printer ink! I found a way that works for me and makes my life a WHOLE lot easier!

After hours and hours of research trying to figure out what I liked, what I didn't like and what I preferred; I finally found LessonTrek. The great think about LessonTrek at the time was the FREE lifetime code! Instead of paying monthly for it, I was able to find a code that allowed me to have it year round for free! Every time I've mentioned it to someone, they have been able to use the code. I don't know how long it will last, but it's been a couple of years now!

Once I use Trello to schedule and assign to-do-lists for my son on what he's going to do, I then post brief statements in LessonTrek. Why? Because it also is a grade book. Whatever assignments I put in, they automatically go to the grade book and calculates everything according to your setup.

As my son does an assignment, I post what's in Trello in LessonTrek. I can put how much time was spent on an assignment and use html for bold (<b>), italics (<i>) and website links (<a href="website address">). He can't login and see his grade, but it's an area they are working on. I can put multiple years and if I had more than one child I was homeschooling, it would accommodate them too. Check out LessonTrek and use CODE: FFL15 for a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

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